Our Story

This is how we felt when we finally decided to open The FU Store. Getting up everyday, working our tails off for someone else. No matter how hard we worked, how much extra effort we put in, our success was dependent on someone else’s judgment and that always fell secondary to their success coming first.

It was the summer of 2017. Driving home stressed after working long hours, trying to figure out the daily chore of what’s going to be for dinner, playing phone tag on who is taking which kid to which soccer practice since they were on the same day but at two different locations, debating which bills to pay first…..suddenly a jerk riding my wife’s bumper honks his horn and speeds around her to only have to slam on his brakes because everyone is backed up in the same horrible rush hour traffic. My wife, frustrated, says to me…”You know that middle finger emoji you can insert into a text? I need a large one on a handle so I can stick it out the window at these jerks”. I laughed and said… “yah, I’m sure everyone feels that way. We could probably sell them online. Call it FU dot com”.

Well, FU dot com wasn’t available; but The-FU-Store.com was. Fingers lead to Shirts, then Coffee Mugs, Hats, ect. The rest is history. Located in the burbs outside of Detroit Michigan, an overwhelmed, overworked and stressed family decided to blow off some steam and open a small business that simply expressed how they felt during too many moments throughout the week.